Vitigo is an autormmune disorder where the immune system of body attacks the healthy cells and in turn start affecting the body. the condition is Characterised by white patches on the skin that develops as a result of melocytee within the skin . these are the cells that are responsible for skin pigment melanin that gives colour to our skin. the white patches appers when melanocytes diesoff . this condition is called as vitiligo.


usually pale and white spots , patchy areas of depigmented skin appears . this is generally found in those body parts that faces sun exposore . it usually occer on hands wrists and facial areas . if a white pigmentation allready exists on your skin you get hurt all of sudden there by developing similer white patches on skin . then you should immediately visit a doctor .

Ayurvedic Views

Vitiligo in tearms of ayurveda is comes under shwitra . shwitra means white colour of skin . according to ayurveda there are two types of causes of shwitra . the first one is due to toxins or heat in the body while other comes under the holistic approach. the first one cause is treated successfully with harbal medicines – panchakarma treatement .in harbal medicines there is special types of herbs which having excellent result on vitiligo are collected from forest area and their formulation is prepared and given to patients. there is also local application and panchakarma treatment are used to cure vitiligo as shown in pictures .