In Ayurveda for the cure of disesse there are two main factors first one is panchakarma treatment and the other one is preparation of pure authantic medicines.

Panchakarma Treatment:   (Detoxification of body)

panchakarma treatment is also called as panchashodhana treatment. The toxines (i.e ama) collected in body is removed by the panchakarma treatment. In human body due to the hazardus food intake like spicy , oily food ,alcohol beverage ,salty diet, exceusive intake of tea – cold drinks fermented food the toxins are prepared in liver -in liver– intestine and stomoch. when these toxins affects the immune system of the body , then the disease started. so it is important to do detoxification of body by panchakarma treatment.

In panchakarma ,the five types of mathods are used for the detoxification of body as shown IN below figer.

  1. Vamana:

in this , to increase the doshas in the body , medicated ghee is given to patient for five to seven days . Then after that with the help of massage and steam , the doshas (toxins) are collected in the stomach. Lastly they are removed by vamana as show in figure.


It is done for bronchial asthama , rhuematic arthritis , acid – peptic disease , gyneaceological problems like PCOD ,Infertility , chronic rhinitis .

Contraindiacation :

it is not done in heart related conditions like C.C.F


The course or panchakarma is done as like vamana then virecana (pclrgation)done by pargative tabels due to virechana the toxins from liver are revoved indication.

it is done for obesity ,jaundice ,skin diseses acid peptic disese.

3. Basti (Enema):

Basti is the procedure where vitiated vatadosha is removed from body by medicated enema, there are various types of enema like decotation ,milk , tailam and ghee.


it is given for obessity ,musculosuetotoi dieses osteoporasis hairfall cryanecological problems ,ulcerative colitis , hairfall , gynaecological problems .

There are various types of bastis as shown in poctures

4. shirodhara:

The world wide accepted ayurvedic procedure is shirodhara . in this medicated oil poured on the head as shown in figure .


it is done for stress , anxiety , skin related problems , sleep disorders.

5. Raktamokshana:

in this , the impurified blood is removed by the application of leeches or by syringe method as shown in figure .


it is indicated in excema, acne, ankle pain , and muscular pain.

Medicine Preparation:

The main problem in the field of ayurveda is the quality of medicines . If the medicine are prepared genuinely then there will be excellent results on human body. so from the day of starting our practice we are preparing our own medicines .

The raw material is collected from forest or tribal area , by its proper authentifacation , then there is purifiacation of harbal druges is done .Then the herbal drugs are dried in our pharmacy and the powder of that medicine is done.

After words the medicine is prepared by using our grinder and tableting machine . The formulation of medicine is done by Dr. Manoj Kulkarni.